Friday, February 3, 2012

This and That

The kiddos are finally all feeling better (I hope!), but now Troy and I both feel like our heads are going to explode! Yay!

On the adoption front, we did get an e-mail from our caseworker this week making sure we had everything in place to get our 2nd dossier paperwork done. For those not adopting from Russia, we have to submit a 2nd dossier after we travel to Russia and accept our referral. We don't have a referral yet (if we did, y'all would have heard me matter how far away you live), but she said we've approached the quoted waiting time so she wants us to be ready. Not that I didn't know that, but it just makes you feel good for someone at your adoption agency to tell you that you're near the quoted waiting time. I guess it makes it official, sort of!

Today was Rodeo Day for our older two kiddos at their school. My kindergartner has been so excited all week that she could hardly stand it!! I think she's had her outfit planned for weeks. (If you're not from Texas, I know this all seems crazy. It probably is, but we love Rodeo time down here!!)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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