Monday, February 27, 2012

Slowly, But Surely

Well, this past weekend didn't exactly go like I had envisioned it. (Do they really ever?) I anticipated getting so much done around the house, finishing up all of my shopping for the trip and spending lots of time with the kiddos before we leave on Friday. What actually happened? My 4 yr old ran fever ALL weekend and I ended up at the Minor Emergency Clinic Saturday night with a horrible case of Bronchitis. So, I spent all day yesterday in bed, feeling terrible. I didn't get a single thing done for our trip yesterday. Nothing. However, today I woke up fever-free and feeling A LOT better. I'm still taking it easy because I don't want to get sick again. I'm thinking God knew it would take something like Bronchitis to make me be still and rest (which I know I need before we leave). As a mom, we're not so good at resting. Oh we'd like to, but there's always something going on or something to do that keeps us from it. So, sometimes God MAKES us do it.

Slowly, but surely, things will get done around here before we leave. My house may not be immaculate before we leave and I may not have all of the kids bags' packed with perfectly matching outfits and bows for the girls, and that's ok. They'll all be staying with their amazing grandparents/friends who can handle everything I miss! I have four kids, my house isn't suppose to be clean anyway, right??! In less than four days, we'll be on a plan headed to see our son for the very first time. That makes cleaning seem ridiculous and it makes all the last few difficult days seem like nothing! Just a little bit longer "little man". Mommy and Daddy are headed your way!

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