Friday, November 11, 2011

I've Fallen Behind

I knew at some point this month, I would fall behind in posting daily activities for National Adoption Month. Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 6th birthday, so we've been partying around here! She asked me yesterday, "Do you think my brother or sister from Russia will be here next year for my birthday?". I answered, "I hope so! I really hope so!".

Now to get back on track!

Friday, November 11th
Find ways that you and your family can help out orphans in orphanages for Christmas. Pack care packages filled with toys and items that the orphanage itself could use to help care for the children each and everyday. It's very expensive to care for all the many children living in orphanages, so every little bit that you can give will help. Many people, in many countries, work tirelessly everyday to care for these children. Brighten their spirits this Christmas by giving some of what you have to them. We ALL have at least something we can give!

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