Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food for Missions

A very dear friend of mine and her family are going on a mission trip to Rwanda. In order to raise funds for their trip, she has started "Food for Missions". Hollie is the most amazing cook, and so she decided to use her "food talent" to raise money for their family to help homeless, orphan children in Rwanda. You can purchase meals, breads, desserts....and the list goes on. (She'll even deliver it to you for a nominal delivery charge.)

In Hollie's words, "We want to make an impact in the life of the orphans in Rwanda. The money raised in this business venture will be used to directly support Africa New Life Ministries and the homeless kids in Rwanda."

Please take a moment to check-out her blog. I promise, you WILL NOT be disappointed in her food. If anything, you may become addicted (which I the artisan and pumpkin bread)!!

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