Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dossier Paperwork.....Check!!!!

This afternoon, Troy is sending all of our paperwork, via FedEx, to our wonderful dossier preparer, Kate. I don't think I've ever seen a stack of paper (that I've had to fill out, sign and notarize) that large in my life!!! Now, our dossier is not complete, but we've now done everything on our part. Our poor notary's hand may fall off soon from notarizing and re-notarizing document after document. We owe her BIG! I've put my husband on a mission to figure out what her favorite restaurant/store is, cause I think a gift card is a MUST! :)

What, you may ask, is our next step? We're currently waiting for our CIS approval. CIS approval basically means we're approved to bring an orphan home to the United States (In my book though, once that child's in my arms, they're no longer an orphan!) and the child can obtain his/her visa before we leave Russia. Once we receive our CIS approval, our dossier can be sent to Russia. So.....we wait so that then we can wait some more! I'm beginning to think that God thinks I need patience. I was once told that you shouldn't pray for patience unless you REALLY want it. Well, I'm learning that it doesn't matter if you pray for it or not. God knows where you're lacking and He'll make sure He fixes that! HA!

The one thing that has surprised me is just how happy and excited I am, even when I know there's nothing else I can do but wait. Now, check with me in 6 months or so and I may have changed my tune. :)

My kids on the other hand, are not as happy as me today. They had to have TB tests yesterday so that we could complete their medical forms. Yes, I put off their medical forms until last because I knew they would NOT be happy with me. I think they're beginning to wonder what else they're going to have to do to bring their brother/sister home! :) They were troopers, though! I'm amazed daily by the strength of character my children are developing. Even after being stuck with a needle yesterday, last night they were praying that God would protect and bring home their new brother/sister quickly. I don't think there's anything more precious than the love of a child. The one thing I do know for sure, is that our child is going to be blessed with amazing brothers and sisters!

Please continue to pray for us! There are some moments when I know that your prayers are all that's getting us through. Sharing this journey with so many friends and family is AMAZING!

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  1. Hello! I found your blog through the Gladney webpage. We are praying about adoption and know that is in our future and that we have a child waiting for us in Russia. We're still praying about the timing though. I would love to hear about how you decided on Gladney as your agency and any other thoughts you might have for someone who is beginning to explore options. My blog is and there is a contact me link through the blog. I know you're busy with paperwork among other things, but if you get a chance I'd love to hear your perspective. Thanks!