Friday, August 12, 2011

Agency Approval

We received our official approval letter from our adoption agency yesterday afternoon! Our homestudy was finalized and we are now ready to attack the MOUND of paperwork for our dossier submission to Russia. We have about 2 months to get this done, because we have to wait on our approval from the Department of Homeland Security and that usually takes 60-70 days (from what we've been told).

Troy and I were out to dinner last night when I received the e-mail about our official approval. I, of course, began to cry! This is really happening!!!! (Can you tell I'm just a little excited??)

Please continue to pray for us as we begin to tackle the mound of things we need to get done now. Pray for our child in Russia. We have no idea who he/she is, but God does! Pray that he/she is surrounded by people that love and care for him/her until we can bring him/her home with us! You have no idea how much your prayers and support mean to us.

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  1. I am excited for you. God bless you as you continue to show people a magnificent picture of the Gospel by the way of adoption. Soli Deo Gloria!