Friday, July 29, 2011

Rough Week

This has been a rough week around our house. My parents are on a cruise, which leaves me in charge of my mother's aunt who lives in a nursing home here in town. She took a turn for the worst on Sunday, so I have been sitting by her side ever since. This isn't the first time I've been with someone when they're dying, but it never gets easier to do. My parents are due to return tomorrow evening and my prayer now is that DeeDee will hold on long enough for mom to get here. I think that's what she's been waiting on all week.

With all of the time I've had to sit this week, I've definitely been doing A LOT of thinking and praying. I've been thinking a lot about my family and what a legacy of faith they have passed down to me. Although I know now that DeeDee will never meet our adopted child, what a blessing it is to bring him/her into this family that has such a long history of deep faith in Christ. Although we will mourn, we mourn with hope because another member of our family will be entering into eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's amazing to me how death can be so sad and yet so peaceful and full of hope at the same time. I don't understand why I've had to spend this week the way that I have, but I know it's for His purposes and for His glory!

I don't have much to report on the adoption front, because I haven't been able to anything this week. It has been disheartening to let a week go by without getting more things done, but God has seen fit to place me here with DeeDee and there's no other place I want to be. I know that our adoption is proceeding according to His timing and because of that I will rest easy.

I do covet your prayers, though. This has been an emotional roller coaster that I wasn't prepared for, but God's mercies are new each day and of that I am definitely certain!

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