Sunday, July 17, 2011

Small Blessings

I just wanted to share an example of small blessings we keep experiencing along our adoption journey. This weekend, Troy and I attended a Love and Respect conference at our church (which, on a side note, was FANTASTIC!!). The cost of the conference was $40.00. Troy had registered us, but had noted that we would pay at the door. We received an e-mail Friday afternoon that informed us that our registration fee had been covered and that we should put that $40.00 in our adoption fund. In the grand scheme of things, $40.00 doesn't seem like much in our adoption costs! However, right after Troy received that e-mail, he was on the phone with a fingerprinting company. He was calling them because he had been fingerprinted with this company before, but our adoption agency had informed us that Troy needed to be fingerprinted again. He wanted to find out the ins and outs of why his last fingerprinting didn't count for the adoption. After talking to the woman for a while, she informed him that he would indeed have to be re-fingerprinted. Troy asked how much it would cost.......$44.00! I am amazed at how God is providing for us even in the small details! Please continue to pray for us as we trust God daily to supply our needs.

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