Monday, June 25, 2012

An Exhausting Weekend

This weekend was a total whirlwind and completely exhausting! It started on Friday with Troy and I (and 2 of our kiddos) heading up to Austin so that we could get fingerprinted to receive our State Police Clearance Letters. After we got that done, we headed up to Salado to the Stagecoach Inn. Troy rented a room that night for he and the boys (one of our dearest friends, basically our kid's third set of grandparents, were keeping the girls). I got to hang out with Troy and the boys for a few hours and then my brother picked me up so the two of us could head up to Ft. Worth. My grandma was hospitalized this past week and was put in CICU, so we felt we needed to go.

We got to Ft. Worth late Friday night and then spent all day Saturday and Sunday morning at the hospital. By the time we got back in the car to head back to San Antonio yesterday, I was spent. I was physically and emotionally spent!

I did however, get to spend some wonderful time with Nanny! She's doing her best to get herself out of that bed and back home! She said she's still got some living to do, and I agree! I told her she had to get better, because she had a great-grandson that would be coming a LONG way to be able to meet her!

It's been really easy this past week to get discouraged because of all of the delays with our court date. But this weekend, I just sat back and enjoyed that God was allowing me this precious time to spend with my family. I hate that Nanny is so sick, but I am thankful beyond words that God has worked out everything in His perfect timing! He allowed me the opportunity to just sit, for hours, with Nanny and just talk and paint her fingernails and comb her hair and look at all of the ENDLESS catalogs she always gets in the mail.

My AMAZING grandma - Nanny!
So today, the kids and I are headed back to Austin to pick up our State Police Clearance Letters and then we're going to RUSH over to the Secretary of State's office to have them apostilled. If all goes as planned (HA!), I'll have everything in the FedEx envelope and off to our caseworker tonight!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragment! I KNOW it is the prayers that have gotten us all through the last few weeks!

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