Monday, May 14, 2012

Perfectly Said

As is par with adoption, we wait another week! Our paperwork is still not in the hands of the judge, but maybe by the end of the week, or the beginning of next. Honestly, waiting a week just to hear that you'll have to wait another week is excruciating! A very dear friend of mine (which on a side note....this adoption journey has brought an AMAZING friend my way and for that I will forever be thankful!!) sent me an e-mail with something that Jen Hatmaker said yesterday on Facebook. If you've never read anything by it NOW! Jen wrote this in response to someone asking her about the waiting in adoption:

"Oh my, I can speak to this. First, forget whatever timeline you were given at the beginning. Forget you ever heard that. Put that in the trash can. Adoption will change, shift, slow down, hit snags, be weird, be difficult, take longer than you think, take longer that you can stand. This will happen. This is the normal thing. When someone gives you a timeline, say, "Thank you for that cute little sentence. Flush." Potential adopters, let me tell you this: Get your "YES" straight at the very beginning. Decide on it. Roll around in it. Put it on the table and shellack it. Because you cannot let every delay and snag derail your certainty about adoption. When you say YES, you are saying YES to enter the suffering of the orphan, and that suffering includes WAITING FOR YOU TO GET TO THEM. I promise you, their suffering is worse than yours. We say YES to the tears, YES to the longing, YES to the maddening process, YES to the money, YES to hope, YES to the screaming frustration of it all, YES to going the distance through every unforeseen discouragement and delay. Do not imagine that something outside of "your perfect plan" means you heard God wrong. There is NO perfect adoption. EVERY adoption has snags. We Americans invented the "show me a sign" or "this is a sign" or "this must mean God is closing a door" or "God must not be in this because it is hard," but all that is garbage. You know what's hard? Being an orphan. They need us to be champions and heroes for them, fighting like hell to get them home. So we will. We may cry and rage and scream and wail in the process, but get them home we will."
Perfectly said! Get my "little man" home, I WILL!! I will definitely "cry, rage, scream and wail" (I've already done that today), but Troy and I will get him home!


  1. I just read this post and am so thankful for this reminder! Our paperwork is on its way to Russia now and I am so ready to meet our little one and so thank you for the encouragement to keep on fighting!


  2. Adoption is journey that requires LOTS of encouragement! Especially from those that are walking the same path. There have been days that I know I wouldn't have made it through without the encouragement of the Christian friends I've made along this adoption journey! I will be praying for you! Please let me know if you need anything!