Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago today, Troy and I were praying together on the couch regarding God's will for our lives concerning adoption. (We had been praying together and individually for over a year.) This time though, we knew things were different. No sooner had Troy said "Amen", he looked over at me and said, "It's time to get out of the boat and step onto the water. It's time to begin the adoption process".

What a year it has been! Lots of ups and lots of downs! Adoption is an emotional roller coaster like no other. I've made some of the most amazing friends and seen numerous families enlarged through adoption. I've cried and hurt with other families as their adoption process hit bump after bump in the road. I've cried myself when the finish line seems no where in sight! BUT, I wouldn't trade a moment of this journey! Every tear, every twist in the road and every hurt are worth what's waiting for us. I've seen that precious boy and held his sweet face in my hands. I've kissed his adorable forehead and hugged him tight. That boy is worth every moment we've waited and every moment that we're going to have to continue to wait!

Adoption is hard and it can be messy (and I'm not just talking about the waiting part). BUT, there are 143,000,000+ orphans in this world that are LONGING to have a family to call their own. They wait day after day for a family to come through the doors of their orphanage/foster home to want them. As Christians, may we be willing to do whatever it takes to care for these children and to let them know that they are WANTED,they are LOVED and they have a Heavenly Father that loves them and has a plan for their life!

Hang on "little man", Mommy & Daddy are getting to you as fast as we can!! We love you more than you can possibly understand!

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