Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 3 Continued

Our visit with "little man" was way too short!! It was the fastest 2 hours of my life! I cried, of course, when they came and got him, but I knew we'd be back in the morning for another visit so I was o.k.

 We left the baby house and walked to the cafe we had eaten at for lunch. The Dr.'s assistant joined us for dinner. When we got to the cafe, we sat down and noticed a large table full of women at the other end of the room. They were definitely there to celebrate! They would make a toast and then sing a song. About 15 minutes later, they would make another toast and sing another song. I loved it!! thing we knew, all of the women got up from the table and went into the next room and began to dance. (Did I mention that these women were celebrating a 75th birthday!!! 75!!) They had disco lights and strobe lights going and started dancing to what sounded to me like techno music! (Tatyana later told us that it was old Soviet music that had been remixed.) They all danced for at least 2 hours straight!!! At one point, Tatyana said that we should go dance with them. So, we did!! (Well, everyone except Troy who sat at the table with our purses and bags.) I had SO much fun. After about 2 songs, we decided to sit back down and have some more tea. While drinking our tea, Tatyana kept telling Troy and I over and over that the two of us needed to go dance with the ladies. Guess what??? Troy did it!! I have never laughed so hard in my entire life! Those women were hilarious! They LOVED Troy. I couldn't even dance because I was laughing so hard. They kept saying things to me in Russian and of course I would just laugh and smile. (Who knows what in the world I was laughing and smiling about!)

 We finished our evening by walking to a local grocery store. We couldn't find anywhere in town that served breakfast, so Tatyana wanted to pick some things up for us to eat. You would have thought we were feeding a large group of people! She wanted us to try a little of everything. She even picked up a chocolate cake. Now THAT'S my kind of breakfast! I think I should have been born Russian, because I could definitely live on pancakes (blini) and chocolate cake!

 Once our groceries were purchased, we walked back to our hotel for some much needed rest. It was the first night that Troy and I were able to fall asleep with absolutely no problem! It's amazing what holding your child in your arms will do for you!!!

Dinner at the cafe in Kudymkar

Our hotel
Walking back to our hotel after dinner


  1. Hello, I'm a french and happy mother of two beautiful children adopted in Kudymkar (2009 and 2012). It's nice to see Valentina, she's so devoted to children... I keep this city in my heart forever.

    1. Hi Anne! It's so nice to hear from someone that has adopted from the same place. I'd love to talk to you more via email. My email is