Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Nail Salon

This afternoon, after church and lunch, I headed to a nail salon down the street from the house. (I know you're all wondering what in the world this has to do with our upcoming trip.)

Let me backtrack a little bit.....before the birth of each of our four biological children, I went to a local nail salon for a pedicure. I figured while the rest of me was looking terrible, at least my toenails would be painted for the "big event". (Yes, I know most of you men are thinking that I'm crazy. However, I know A LOT of you girls know exactly what I'm talking about!)  So, before our first trip to Russia to meet our "little man", I decided that I would get a shellac manicure for the "big event".  (Since it was FREEZING cold when we were in Russia last, I knew getting a pedicure would be pointless!) I know it may sound dumb and even a little crazy, but I wanted to prepare to meet our fifth child just like I did when I met the other four. So of course, if I got a manicure before we went on our last trip, I just had to get another one for this trip! LOL

Someday "little man" will probably that my pre-trip manicures were silly, but maybe just maybe it will mean something to him to know that his momma made sure that his first appearance to us was treated exactly the same as his four brothers and sisters (even if it was with fingernail polish)!

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  1. Love this!! It's ALMOST TIME!! So excited for you, and praying, praying, praying!!