Monday, June 20, 2011

Doctor, Doctor...Give Me the News.

Troy and I FINALLY have our physicals completed and the kids and I are about to head out the door to pick up the last 2 forms that the doctor had to fill out! I had NO idea that trying to find a doctor to get a physical would be such a difficult task! As soon as we got our paperwork (around the 2nd week in May), I started calling around to make an appointment for Troy and I to have our physicals done. I called our family physician that we have used for many years, and the first available appointment he had was in November! Yes, you read that right....November! So, I proceeded to get the name and number of the doctors of just about everyone we know. The absolute soonest appointment I could find was September. We were discouraged, to say the least. We can't proceed with the adoption process until these medical forms are filled out by an internal medicine or family practice MD. Fast forward to week before last (June 8th to be exact). I went up to the church to have a form notarized. As I was talking to my friend, while she notarized my form, I mentioned that I was having the hardest time finding a doctor. She told me about her doctor and told me she would call and just see if maybe they could fit us in. Not only did they find a way to fit us in, they found a way to fit us in the very next week (June 15th). I had never been so excited in my life to go to the doctor. Troy and I both LOVED the doctor that we saw (Dr. Aguillar.....just in case you're in need of a fantastic, kind doctor). Not only did he take the time to talk to us for forever, but he got all of our forms filled out in just a few days and even had them notarized for us. While we were visiting with him, he commented that he couldn't believe we were able to get in with him so fast. He said his current wait time for physicals is about 3 months. Troy and I both knew exactly how we got in so fast.......God got us in!!

I continue to be amazed time after time of how God keeps providing the right people at the right time for us to get all of this stuff done! Just today, my brother took off half the day to come to my house and sketch out a floor plan of my house for me. (I never knew his architecture degree would be helpful. LOL) God is good, all the time! And all the time, God is good!!!

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